Research shows children learn better when engaged in the learning process. One scientific study reported that fidget toys increase academic scores by 10%. Students diagnosed with ADHD saw an increase of 27% in their academic scores.

The Pearl Pad™ - The Original Sight Word Tactile Learning Pad makes learning fun and engaging. Pressing the letter poppers over and over can help children learn new words. This builds their confidence in reading and makes learning more enjoyable.

Learning inspires the mind and souls of all kids.

Key Benefits for Educators

Elementary Schools

Many schools are dealing with the aftermath of Covid on their students, over the last few years. This has created learning gaps in identifying sight words and reading. Our Tactile Learning Pad is ideal for school settings and small group engagement for all learners. Tactile learning is the future. It is helping students improve their testing scores and is ideal for students dealing with ADHD. We are seeing results in less than a few weeks.

Exceptional Children Programs

Many directors are faced with creating programs that engage students of different needs. Our products are a great addition to the classroom and have a calming affect on the students.

  • Engage students with sensory items to learn Sight Words
  • Helps children to cope and redirect their attention
  • Helps manage their anxiety or other special needs

Preschools and Daycare

The early years of child development are very important. During these years educators can incorporate different strategies to help children learn. Improve student engagement and retention with the Tactile Learning Pad using Dolch sight words. If your center has an education program our products are a great addition to the classroom.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent tool to teach reading & sight words
  • Dolch, Fry, and other sight words programs are supported
  • Help reduce learning gaps caused by the pandemic
  • Great for classroom lessons and home instructions
  • Helps increased focus and concentration
  • Great for children aged 3 to 8
  • Reusable and BPA Free

Why us?

The Learning Pearl was founded by educators. At The Learning Pearl, we have noticed that young children are excited when using tactile fidget toys. Research has shown that tactile learning can increase focus and concentration in the classroom setting.

When the students feel/touch the tactile pad bubbles it stimulates the brain's cognitive functions, including long-term and short-term memory. This helps children to recognize and read new words. This will build their confidence in reading and make learning more enjoyable.